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A Professional Metal Roofing Services Company in El Paso, TX

We are professional metal roofing contractors providing top-notch metal roofing services including residential and commercial roofing services. Our mission is to provide you with the best metal roofing solutions and customer service. 

Metal roofing is the latest roofing material to be used in residential and commercial structures. It’s a great option if you want your home or business to have a more modern look. The metal roofing comes with a variety of benefits that can enhance the overall appearance of your home.

We specialize in metal roofing installations, roofing repairs, and all metal roofing maintenance. We have a skilled team of experts ready to help you select the right metal roof for your home or business. You’ll be sure to find the best metal roofing materials for your house or business. 

Our company is dedicated to providing top-notch services and products that will last for years.

Our Metal Roofing Services in El Paso, TX

Roof Maintenance

Our roof maintenance services are designed to prolong the life of your roof and keep it in top condition. Our team of experienced roofing professionals will work with you to develop a maintenance plan that fits your needs and budget.

Commercial Metal Roofing

Our commercial metal roofing services are perfect for any business. Our metal roofs are durable and long lasting, so you can be sure that your roof will protect your business for years to come.

Roof Inspection

Our roof inspection services are perfect for identifying roof leaks and other roof related problems. Our experienced roofing inspectors will let you know if your roof needs repair work or replacement.

Roof Installation & Replacement

Our Roof Installation & Replacement services are perfect for any new roof installation. We’ll take care of everything from your home’s structure to the roof itself.

Residential Metal Roofing

Our residential metal roofing services are the perfect solution for your home. Our metal roofs are durable and long lasting, so you can be sure that your roof will protect your home for years to come.

Leak Repair

Imagine not having to worry about leaks at all. Our expert technicians can fix your roof quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to spend your time cleaning up.

What is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is a type of roofing system which uses metal sheets as the covering material. It is more expensive than conventional asphalt or concrete roofs, but has better resistance to damage from weather conditions. The metal roofing comes in different types and grades, and can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. The installation of a metal roof is quite labor intensive, but the benefits are many.

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Why Do Homes Benefit From Metal Roofing in El Paso, TX?

The roof is the most important part of a building, as it protects the inside from the weather. It is the only part of the home that can be seen from outside, and so it has to be in good condition at all times. The majority of roofs are made of flat or corrugated plastic material, but metal roofs have been used for decades. They come in a variety of styles and are very durable, which makes them an excellent choice for homeowners.

Benefits of Metal Roofing Services

Here are some of the most common advantages that a metal roof has over other roofing options:


Metal roofs are very durable. They have a good resistance to rust and corrosion, and can last for decades. This means that you don’t have to worry about having to replace your roof anytime soon.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs are also energy efficient. They use less energy than other roofing materials, making them cost-effective for the environment. The best part is that they can help you save even more money on your utility bills by keeping your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Lower Maintenance

Metal roofs are easier to maintain than other roofing options. They are simple to clean and maintain, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time doing it. This means that you won’t have to call a professional company every few months to check if there is anything wrong with your roof.

Durable And Easy To Install

The installation process of metal roofing is also quite easy. It is an ideal roofing material for people who are not sure how to install a new roof. It is also a good option for people who do not have time to deal with a project as big as installing a new roof. Contact us to learn more about metal roofing and our metal roofing system.

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We specialize in all types of metal roofing systems including Aluminum, Galvalume and Copper. Our expert metal roofers can help you choose the best roof for your home. Contact us today!

The Pros And Cons Of Each Material

For choosing the best material, it’s important to consider its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some things to keep in mind:
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Copper Roofing

Copper is a great conductor of heat and electricity and is inexpensive. It is also relatively easy to work with, and can be bent into almost any shape you want. However, copper is also very soft, so if you need a product that has a lot of strength, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Also, copper is not immune to corrosion.

Steel Roof

Steel is extremely strong and can withstand high temperatures. It also has a good conductivity and can be easily formed into any shape. However, steel is also heavy and can be expensive to make. Steel is also vulnerable to corrosion.

Aluminum Roof el paso tx

Aluminum Roof

Aluminum is a relatively cheap, lightweight metal that can be easily formed into any shape. It is also resistant to corrosion and has good conductivity. However, aluminum is very soft, so if you need a product that has a lot of strength, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Also, aluminum can be difficult to work with because it’s so soft.

Stainless steel Roof

Stainless steel is a type of steel that resists corrosion and can handle high temperatures. It’s also inexpensive and very durable. Unfortunately, stainless steel is also very hard, so it’s not suitable for products that need to be flexible.

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What Makes Metal Roofing Different?

What Makes Metal Roofing Different?

What makes metal roofing different is that it is an extremely strong and durable roofing material that will last for years. It does not chip, peel or flake like asphalt roofing and it is fire resistant. It is also easy to install and it can be installed on top of existing roofs as well as new roofs. It is the only roofing system that has a guarantee for life of at least 25 years and it is the most cost-effective roofing system available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The metal roofing cost in El Paso, TX ranges from $6,000 to $30,000, depending on size, material and type. If you are shopping for a new roof, we recommend starting with a bid of about $25-$50 per square foot. This is a ballpark number and will give you an idea of what your project will cost. When you add up the total square footage of your roof, you’ll know how much you should budget for materials.

There are some disadvantages of metal roofs. They require maintenance and replacement in the form of repair patches, which are not required for asphalt shingles.

Metal roofs are generally cheaper than asphalt shingles in El Paso, TX. Metal roofs can run from $120 to $900 per 100 square feet (one 10-foot by 10-foot area, or a “square” of material), while asphalt shingles will be between $100 and $200 per 100 square feet.

The main reason for this is that metal roofs are made up of sheets of metal that are rolled onto the roof and attached with screws into place. Asphalt shingles are made up of strips of colored, inflexible material that are applied to the roof and held in place with nails or staples.

Negotiating with your roofing contractor in El Paso TX is important to you and your budget. To help you stay within your budget and get the most out of your project, ask your contractor to provide any unexpected expenses in writing.

Roofing costs can vary significantly depending on the type of material you use and how many penetrations there are in your roof. If you’re unsure about what to expect, it’s a good idea to have an estimate from a professional. Your roof builder will be able to give you an estimate based on the type of material used, number of penetrations, and where the flashing will go. The price will also include labor, dumping material into a landfill if necessary, and any other expenses associated with installing your new roof.

Depending on the type of roof you are installing and the amount of materials that need to be brought in, a new roof can be installed in 3-5 days.

Roofs are designed to last for many years, but sometimes they wear down over time and start leaking. If you have noticed any leaks, you should call us right away.

Common problems with a new roof include leaks, shingle damage, nails and staples. If you notice any of these issues, we can help repair them.

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